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Visit Åland presents

Åland Influencer 2018


We have now chosen two persons to be our first Åland Influencers. It was a tough job. We got 641 applications to choose from: We started with selecting 40 candidates and invited them to make a short video about themselves. From there we selected 9 people that we interviewed.

In the beginning of June we will present which the two influencers are.

Thanks to everyone who applied for the job and helped us spread the word.

The Åland Islands has 29 000 inhabitants. The islands are a part of Finland, but in many ways Åland functions as a country of its own. We have our own flag, our own parliament that enacts our laws and our very own top-level domain (.ax).

Learn more about the Åland Islands

The Åland Islands’ most unique features are the untouched archipelago, the beautiful cliffs by the sea and the country roads that get their distinctive red color from the local rapakivi granite. With its 6 700 islands and scerries, the Åland Islands offers you a world where the sea is always close by. The Åland Islands also see the most hours of sunshine of all the Nordic countries, between May and August.

Did you know that there is 912 km of open road on the Åland Islands, 30 bridges and 8 local ferry connections between the islands? This means that you can spend many days travelling around the entirety of Åland.